Trig option

The usage message for the built-in symbol Trig is shown below.

? Trig

Trig is an option for algebraic manipulation functions which specifies  whether trigonometric functions should be treated as rational functions of  exponentials.

The built-in functions that have the Trig option are

Apart, ApartSquareFree, Cancel, Coefficient, CoefficientList, Collect,
Denominator, Expand, ExpandAll, ExpandDenominator, ExpandNumerator, Exponent,
Factor, FactorList, FactorSquareFree, FactorSquareFreeList, FactorTerms,
FactorTermsList, FullSimplify, Numerator, PolynomialGCD, PolynomialLCM,
PolynomialMod, Resultant, Simplify, Together.

Simplify and FullSimplify have the default setting (Trig→True) and all
other functions above have the default setting (Trig→False).  I
searched through all available documentation and couldn't find a single
example to demonstrate this option. The examples using the Trig option below
were provided by Allan Hayes and Andrzej Kozlowski.  In each case the
original expression would be returned if it were not for the use of (Trig

Clear[x] ;  Expand[Sin[2x], TrigTrue]

2 Cos[x] Sin[x]

Apart[Csc[2x], TrigTrue]

Cot[x]/2 + Tan[x]/2

Cancel[Csc[x] Sin[2x], TrigTrue]

2 Cos[x]

Created by Mathematica  (May 16, 2004)

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