Mesh, MeshStyle

By default Plot3D, ListPlot3D, DensityPlot and ListDensityPlot3D make a black mesh over the graphic.  In the next cell the setting (Mesh→False) is used to supporess this grid.

Plot3D[Sin[x + y], {x, -π, π}, {y, 0, π}, MeshFalse] ; DensityPlot[Sin[x + y], {x, -π, π}, {y, 0, π}, MeshFalse] ;

In the next cell the MeshStyle option is used to make a green mesh.  Using this option one can specify the color and/or thickness of the grid.  You could also make a mesh of dashed lines if you wanted to.

RowBox[{RowBox[{Plot3D, [, RowBox[{Sin[x + y], ,, {x, -π, π}, ,, {y, 0, π}, ,,  ... shStyle, , RowBox[{{, RowBox[{Hue, [, RowBox[{0.3, ,, 1, ,, 0.7}], ]}], }}]}]}], ]}], ;}]

ParametricPlot3D requires use of EdgeForm to do the same thing as Mesh and MeshStyle.  EdgeForm is also used with Graphics3D primitives rather than Mesh, MeshStyle.

Created by Mathematica  (May 16, 2004)

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