The typical use of text is straight forward.  However, one must do some very tricky stuff to display framed text in Graphics or Graphics3D.  Alan Hayes showed how this can be done in response to a question in the MathGroup.  The next cell demonstrates Alan's solution.  I would elaborate on how it works, but I don't understand it myself.

txt2 = Graphics[Text[DisplayForm[FrameBox[FormBox[StyleBox[MakeBoxes[ρ =  ... ction = Identity}, plt2 = Plot[ Sin[x], {x, 0, 2π}] ] ; Show[{plt2, txt2}] ;

The next cell does the same thing with Graphics3D.

txt1 = Graphics3D[Text[DisplayForm[FrameBox[FormBox[StyleBox[MakeBoxes[ρ  ... y, 0, 2π}, PlotPoints40, MeshFalse] ] ; Show[{plt1, txt1}] ;

Created by Mathematica  (May 16, 2004)

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