ViewCenter, ViewPoint, ViewVertical

The next cell creates a graphic we will use to demonstrate ViewCenter, ViewPoint, and ViewVertical.

Hue[1], Point[{5, 8, 10}],
Hue[0.17], Point[{6, 8, 10}],
Hue[0.35], Point[{6, 8, 11}],
},PlotRange -> {{4.97, 6.03}, {7.97,9.03}, {9.97,11.03}}

Display Area
When Mathematica displays any type of graphics the result is displayed in "display area".  Click on the graphic and a box will be displayed around the graphic, and black squares will be shown in each corner of the box and at the center of each side of the box.  You can drag the black squares around to resize the graphic. The area inside this box is the "display area".

Bounding Box
By default Graphics3D has the setting (Boxed→True) which ensures a box is drawn around the volume covered by the PlotRange setting.  I call this box around the graphic the "bounding box".




Created by Mathematica  (May 16, 2004)

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